AWS Infrastructure Optimization for Joi Gifts

About Joi Gifts

Joigifts is a leading online Gift delivery platform primarily serving Middle Eastern countries. They provide hand-delivery service from stylishly dressed Agents, that ensure the gift has the impact it deserves. They also provide add-on services like same-day delivery and Singing Telegrams for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, Mother’s Day and other special occasions.

The Challenge

These were the high level challenges faced by Joi Gifts team:

  • Being an E-commerce platform, Joigifts platform had lot of moving components
  • There was no inventory/audit of cloud resources being utilised across different environments
  • It was hard to keep a track of cloud consumption costs with multiple owners and unplanned AWS access
  • There were few performance related issues due to surge in traffic and marketing campaigns
  • Site load times was going out of control given the amount of new products and features being added to the platform everyday
  • Strict monitoring of infrastructure resources, billing and application performance became increasingly important for sustenance

The Solution

Flentas helped define and implement overall Optimization processes using AWS Services:

  • Deep dive into the existing environment and consolidated inventory of all cloud resources for better visibility of all application components
  • Structured tagging and Marking unused / un-utilised cloud resources for termination, hence saving huge costs
  • Network and AWS security tightening for increased fence against unwanted threats
  • Optimising web server configurations for better performance and scalability
  • CDN setup for optimised page load times and increased user conversion
  • Proactive monitoring with necessary alerts were setup for speedy resolutions during unexpected downtimes

The Benefits

  • Immediate reduction in monthly cloud resource spend
  • Visibility of cloud resource costs and access patterns
  • Better scalability and security posture of the cloud infrastructure

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