Managed Service of Digital Marketing Platform on AWS

About Digital Marketing Platform

Digital marketing company that offers the most comprehensive suite of digital marketing services.They have 10+ experience in working on various platforms like search, social and mobile has enabled us to deliver high-quality brand and performance marketing campaign.   They work along with you as ‘Digital Consultants’ to identify gaps, strategize & implement the right-fit technology stack for your organization just in time for maximum results.  They has won more than 85+ esteemed recognitions, consecutively in the last  2 years for our outstanding creativity & campaign performance.  They has a campaigning platform known as Campaign Hub that allows you to quickly and easily create and manage ad campaigns, allowing you to promote your business on social media, email and/or SMS and generate leads that are delivered to you in real time.

The Challenge

  • Cost and a monolithic architecture were the biting factors.
  • RCA of issues with immediate response time.
  • Backup and retention of the web servers and databases was an essential requirement.
  • Security was of utmost importance to defend the web servers from hackers and crackers.
  • Cost Optimization by removal of unused resources , scaling only when the demand was high , keeping track of inventory so less important resources are optimized.
  • Rotate and secure credentials of Application and database.

The Solution

The solution proposed and implemented by IntellyZen for Managed Service is as follows::

  • All AWS resources are closely monitored with the help of AWS CloudWatch for CPU, Memory,Disk Utilization,System checks. The Infrastructue team is alerted if certain thresholds are crossed with the help of AWS SNS.
  • Daily backups of web servers are taken with a defined retention policy.
  • User IAM key rotation and password policy implemented.
  • Least privilege principle applied based on IAM user’s access level / authority in his/her organization
  • Implemented AWS Secrets Manager for storing the database credentials.
  • Configured AWS Trust Advisor for security, cost optimization recommendations.
  • Implemented AWS WAF on Application Load Balancer to prevent attacks like Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection.
  • Continuous monitoring of domain names through Route53 health checks and API health checks.
  • User activity is monitoring by AWS CloudTrail so unauthorized activity is reported
  • An additional security layer approach was to configure MFA on the root account and also for IAM users.
  • Auto start / stop on Dev and QA servers.
  • Encryption of EBS volumes ensuring data at rest is protected.

The Benefits

  • During peak periods when traffic is relatively high, AWS Autoscaling is triggered which tackle’s latency issues.
  • Cost Optimization of under-utilized resources helped in keeping the operational cost in control
  • Additional cost waived off by the implementation of auto start/stop of servers this also ensured resources were wisely utilized.
  • All the important metrics are monitored and displayed in a single and well defined CloudWatch Dashboard.
  • AWS CloudWatch Logs helps the development team to quickly identify the application issues and try to resolve them ASAP.
  • Flentas Managed Services programme helps the development team 24/7 by different modes of communication like phone calls incase of Level 1 production issues and follow up email for immediate RCA.

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