Building Scalable & Highly Available IoT Backbone for Home Automation Platform

About Phynart

Phynart is an Indian startup focused on building innovative home automation solutions. Their product, called U.F.O, which is a sleek device used to control almost any electronic appliance wirelessly. It’s very easy to setup and connects to internet using home Wifi. It has a very intuitive mobile application which allows a home user to control, configure, monitor and operate any home appliance from anywhere in the globe or from the comfort of one’s home.

The Challenge

Since U.F.O is a physical gateway device which behaves as a hub for all communications to and from all home appliances, the volumes of data and the number of U.F.O devices is going to scale heavily with wider consumer adoption. To handle such amount of scale and high availability of the entire platform, the communications and API layer on cloud needs to be designed and implemented accordingly.

High level challenges:

  • Monolithic communications backbone with no horizontal scalability
  • Intermittent issues with socket connectivity on cloud
  • No streamlined Data logging / event logging strategy on cloud

The Solution

Flentas helped define and implement the overall cloud strategy:

  • Horizontally scalable web socket engine using ALB -> EC2 -> ElastiCache Redis Pub/Sub
  • Hub device and Mobile app user communication routing using web socket engine on cloud
  • Full duplex communication between Hub <-> Cloud <-> Mobile App for actuation commands
  • Data ingestion pipeline for gathering all logs from entire device fleet into a data lake on cloud using Kinesis, S3 and RDS

The Benefits

  • Highly scalable socket engine for actuation commands from Mobile app to hub device at home and vice versa for handling thousands of users and hub devices
  • User Geofencing for automation of switching-on electronic equipment when user is near home
  • Remote device management for patch releases on fleets of devices
  • Remote Monitoring and troubleshooting for savings on on-site service visits

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